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Over 1 billion people in the world currently do not have access to adequate clean water needed for drinking, domestic usage & irrigation purpose.

Solar Water pumps powered by Photovoltaic systems are an ideal source of clean & sustainable energy to provide services to people who do not have access to electricity.

In many cases water pumping systems in remote rural areas are often powered by diesel generators, which are very expensive and difficult to maintain. Solar PV can provide an alternative to diesel generation where the cost is substantially reduced with minimum maintenance.

Avesta Solar Water pumping System are an ideal solution for pumping water from the well / borewell / lake, for immediate use or storage in remote locations where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or expensive.

The Solar PV generates DC electricity this is fed into the pump through a controller, which is an integral part of the Solar Pumping system.

Few advantages of Solar water Pumps

  1. Water without Electricity connection
  2. Reduce dependency on rains
  3. Improves sanitation conditions
  4. With easier access to water due to Solar Pumps attendance in school increases for girls
  5. Improves the living conditions significantly due to availability of Water to people, livestock and crops


  1. Village water supply
  2. Drinking water supply
  3. Residential / industrial well Pumping
  4. Irrigation pumps
  5. Livestock watering

Features and benefits

  1. Dry Running Protection
  2. Motor Protection
  3. Any Voltage
  4. All Stainless Steel material for long Pump life.