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A Solar Water Heater is clean, reduces the use of electricity & gas. Solar Water Heaters from Avesta Solar are an ideal solution for all your Hot water requirements. Powered by the clean energy from the Sun the Water Heaters provide a substantial saving of electrical power every year.

The affordable Avesta Solar Water Heater saves money with reduced electricity consumption apart from contribution towards a pollution free clean and healthy environment.


  1. Rugged & Sturdy Design
  2. Highly efficient absorbers
  3. No blockages from Hard water
  4. Can withstand pressure upto 5 bars
  5. Customised designed from 100LPD to 100000LPD


  1. Saves money on your electricity bills
  2. Guaranteed long life System
  3. Independent source of Heating
  4. Keeps water Hygienic


  1. Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hostels, Hotels & Restaurants, Breweries, Industries like Textile, Dairies, Chemical. Pharmaceutical, Pasteurising & Food Processing


  1. Customised FPC Solar Water Heating Solutions
  2. Quality Tank & Solar Collector
  3. Expertise in Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications for Solar Water Heating Systems
  4. Expertise in handling extreme Hard water conditions
  5. Comprehensive O&M with local in house service team
  6. Extended Performance warranty Options

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