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Solar Street lights are standalone systems that provide reliable outdoor lighting for roads, villages, open spaces, campuses, etc.

Avesta Solar street lights require minimum operation & maintenance cost, operates from dusk to dawn and has in-built automated controls, hence no manual intervention required which helps in remote applications.


Solar Street lights can be used for various applications like, Roads, pathways, farm house lights, campus lights, gardens, street lights, building lights

Solar Street Light Specifications

  1. Luminaire - 8 W LED / LED 12 -15 W / LED 18 W LED
  2. Solar module 60W / 75 W / 100 W/ 125 W ( 10 years warranty)
  3. Low maintenance deep-discharge tubular batteries 40 Ah / 60 Ah / 75 AH / 100 AH (with extended warranty of 3 years)
  4. Solar charge controller
  5. Pole
  6. Battery box
  7. Support structure,
  8. Cables, battery cable

Benefits of Street Lighting System

  1. Reliable lighting Source
  2. No Dark Nights
  3. Sufficient back up provision for non-sunny days
  4. Extended warranty provided