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Over 1.2 billion people are living in rural areas lack access to the national electrical grid. Solar of grid systems are an economical alternative to a grid connection & provides people in rural & urban areas with a reliable & continuous energy supply.

Solar Home Lighting Systems consist of a solar PV panel, battery, charge controller and lighting system.

Depending on the PV panel size this system can power a lighting system ranging from a single lamp to several lamps and a fan or TV. The Solar Module is installed in the open area on roof – exposed to sunlight & the charge controller & battery are kept inside a protected place in the house. This system requires low ongoing maintenance. The Solar Panel needs to be cleaned on regular intervals.

Reliable & durable home lighting solutions from Avesta Solar are designed to give a daily working time of 4-5 hrs with a full charged battery per day for use in rural areas where there is a lack of a grid power or where grid power is not reliable. The system also has a back up for non sunny / cloudy days for 4-8 hrs.


The Home lighting system can be used in multiple domestic and small commercial applications such as for rural electrification, small business income generation, small hotels rural hospitals, for cooking, for studying.

Thousand of rural homes & shops have been equipped with such systems & the owners can now light their homes or shops & charge their cell phones, power their radios or similar appliances.

Sample System configuration

  1. Solar module 20 W / 40 W / 60 / ( With 10 years warranty)
  2. Low maintenance deep-discharge tubular batteries 20 Ah / 40 Ah / 60 Ah (with extended warranty of 3 years)
  3. Luminaries - 9W CFL or 4W / 8W LED
  4. DC Fan
  5. Multi Pin Mobile charging unit
  6. Battery box
  7. 5 Amps charge controller
  8. Panel Support
  9. Cables

Click here to download Avesta Solar Rural Electrification pdf